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The Ontario Hickory Tour


The purpose of the Ontario Hickory Tour is to provide the opportunity to play some friendly, competitive hickory golf. To register to play in the Tour, and for all enquiries regarding matters related to the Tour, please email

2018 Schedule:

We have arranged three events so far for 2018, over May, June and July. More events may be added later in the season, based on participant feedback. The currently scheduled events are:

  1. Thursday May 17, 2018 at Oak Gables GC, Ancaster, Ontario, 10 am start.
    Click here for a course guide to Oak Gables. We will be playing the Maple nine and the Oak nine.
    Click here for results, account and pictures of this event
  2. Monday June 18, 2018 at Craigowan GC, Woodstock, Ontario, 11 am start
    Click here for results, account and pictures of this event
  3. Friday July 27, 2018 at Merry Hill GC, Breslau, Ontario, 10 am start

Participants are asked to please arrive at the course at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time, so that groups can be arranged.


Play at each event is divided into two divisions:


We do not have registration forms for the Tour, and we do not collect fees in advance. Players pay their own green fees to the host club on the day of the event. Please let us know, by emailing, which events you intend to play in, and which division you will be playing in (see above). Guests are welcome, and loaner equipment is available (see details below).


Please refer to the Equipment Guidelines of the Society of Hickory Golfers as the principle basis for equipment to be used in the two divisions:

SoHG Equipment Guidelines

Note that reproduction or re-constructed period-appropriate clubs are allowed.

With regard to balls, the SoHG Guidelines defer to the discretion of individual event directors. For the Ontario Hickory Tour, the following balls are allowed:

If you have any questions regarding the admissibility of the equipment that you are intending to use, please email

Loaner Equipment:

If you would like to play, but do not have suitable equipment, or would like to bring a playing guest who does not have their own suitable equipment, loaner sets of clubs are available for both the pre-1900 and post-1900 divisions. Please be sure to notify in advance of the event if loaner equipment is required. Those using loaner equipment will be responsible for buying their own balls; balls may be purchased from the organizers on the day of the event.


Events are scored using a modified Stableford system, where a player's points for each hole are based on the player's score as compared to the average score for all players in the event. Original Stableford scoring gives 2 points for a score of par, 1 for bogey, 3 for birdie etc. and zero for any score of double-bogey or over. Our modified system gives 2 points if the player's score is equal to the average, 1 if 1 above average, 3 if 1 below average etc. and zero if the player's score is 2 strokes or more above the average. This modified Stableford scoring is used to avoid reference to hole par values, which will not have been set with hickory equipment in mind - in this system the scoring is based entirely on a player's performance as compared to all of the players in their division in the current event.


In order to ensure equitable play, please note the following regarding rules to be followed.

The basic rules for each division will be the R&A codes of rules from 1895 and 1920 (effective 1921) respectively:

Pre-1900: Click for RULES FOR THE GAME OF GOLF R&A 1895
Post-1900: Click for RULES FOR THE GAME OF GOLF R&A 1921

The 1895 code is very similar to the 1891 code, with only some minor clarifications. Going with the 1921 code avoids the problem of lost ball being handled by distance only, which was introduced in between - the 1921 code goes back to stroke and distance. It's notable that the 1895 code is only 6 pages, whereas the 1921 code runs to 23 pages.

A couple of points to note regarding the old codes of rules:

Players should follow the code appropriate to the division they are playing in, with the following additional clarifications and local rules (applicable to both divisions):

If you have any questions regarding the rules of play to be followed, please email or ask the organizers at the event.