2013 Charles Blair Macdonald Challenge and The Eastern Canadian Hickory Championship
Niagara-on-the-Lake, September 7 – 8, 2013

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The 2013 Charles Blair Macdonald Challenge and The Eastern Canadian Hickory Championship were played over the historic Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club on September 6, 7, and 8. The course is the oldest golf course in North America on its original site (1875).

The Niagara area is great for relaxing - a casino, theatre, wineries, quaint shops, wonderful restaurants, and a soon to open outlet mall. Because we play early in the day, there is plenty of time to entertain a spouse accompanying you.

The weather for the Friday practice round and the Sunday tournament round was spectacular. Saturday's round was wet and difficult for the competitors.

The event is unique in that it is the only tournament in North America where the contestants play with both pre-1900 and post-1900 hickory golf equipment.

The format of the event has contestants using pre-1900 equipment the first day - 9 holes of foursomes (alternate shot) and 9 holes of four ball (better ball) - and post-1900 equipment the second day - medal play. This format gives each player a 27 hole score used to determine the Eastern Canadian hickory champions in four divisions.

The event featured nine lady golfers, nine super senior golfers (70 years of age and older), twenty-three senior golfers (60 to 69 years of age) and twenty open division golfers. American guests came from seven different states - Ohio, New York, Kansas, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana.

Results of The C. B. Macdonald Challenge

The Canadian team won the first day's match with a score of 16.5 to 11.5. The American team won the second day's match 15 to 14. Canada won the two day event 30.5 to 26.5 points.

Results of The Eastern Canadian Hickory Championship

Note: All scores listed below are for 27 holes.

In the ladies' division, Paula McLean (Kanata, Ontario) shot a fine round of 91 on Sunday to go with her 47 on Saturday for a score of 138. Rita Dietz (Sarnia, Ontario) finished second, scoring 149.

In the super senior division, Bill Turville (Thornhill, Ontario) scored 132 to win his third consecutive championship title. At 138, Adrian Buis (St. Catharines, Ontario) finished runner-up.

Tom Irving (Cicero, Indiana) shot 123 to win the senior division title, edging out Wayne Linton (Guelph, Ontario) by a single stroke. Linton's 124 left him in the runner-up position.

Tom Johnson (Tallmadge, Ohio) fired a fine 71 on the par 72 course on Sunday. This, along with his 40 on Saturday gave Johnson a 111 total, three strokes better than defending champion Brian Schuman's (Melville, New York) 114 total.

I would like to thank all contestants for their participation in the C. B. Macdonald Challenge / Eastern Canadian Hickory Championship.

Next year's event will take place on September 5 to 7. Those who participated in 2013 will have until March 15, 2014 to retain his / her place in the tournament. After that date, I will accept entries from the list of players on the waiting list.

NOTE: Entries will close May 1, 2014. Cheques may be post-dated to May 1, 2014. No entry accepted without entry form and fee.

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2013 Charles Blair Macdonald Challenge and The Eastern Canadian Hickory Championship
Detailed Results

CB Macdonald Challenge Matches

Rita Dietz defeated Michelle MillerPaula McLean defeated Noi Moreau
Brian Schuman defeated Jim WilhelmAlison Spouge defeated Patrice Golde
Mike Heil defeated Tom MillerBill Truppe defeated David Ellis
Tom Johnson defeated Jason MillerWayne Linton defeated Mike Just
Terry Howarth defeated Bob westBob Sly defeated Ron Dunn
JW McMath defeated Ron ArcherDavid Burgess defeated Bern Bernacki
Jim Pearson defeated Patrick PotterPaul Dietz defeated Greg Smith
Tom Irving defeated John BennettVern Petry defeated Adrian Buis
Tanner Stewart defeated Joseph McLeanDoug Ross defeated Doug Marshall
Jeff Pineo defeated Bill TurvilleNick Waterfield defeated Norm Moreau
Ian Marshall defeated David NashPeter Van Beurden defated Frank Collis
Jim Palk defeated Al ClarkGunnar Eriksson defeated John Duffy
Bill Stewart defeated David GallinoDavid Borsellino defeated Pat Mihm
Frank Rosenzweig defeated George JulieHarold Macdonald defeated Barry Herbert
Ed Jackson defeated Ted Vanden Tillaart
USA -- 15 pointsCanada -- 14 points

Foursomes / Fourball

1Golde / SavillSpouge / E. Nash1
0.5Bernacki / JustPotter / P. Dietz1.5
1Schuman / JohnsonTurville / Sly1
2Heil / McMathPetry / Bennett
1Ellis / StewartT. Miller / D. Nash1
1Dunn / JacksonBorsellino / Archer1
Marshall / BuisMcLean / Burgess2
Herbert / MihmEriksson / Vanden Tillaart2
Collis / B. StewartClark / Julie2
1Rosenzweig / DuffyGallino / Van Beurden1
1Pineo / Norm MoreauWest / Macdonald1
2I. Marshall / PalkRoss / B. Truppe
1Irving / PearsonLinton / Waterfield1
Smith / HowarthWilhelm / J. Miller2

Canada30.5 points
USA26.5 points

2013 Eastern Canadian Hickory Championship

Open Division
111Tom Johnson
114Brian Schuman
116Jim Wilhelm
117Mike Heil
Bill Truppe
119Jim Pearson
124Bob Sly
125Tom Miller
127David Ellis
128JW McMath
Jason Miller
129John Bennett
Jeff Pineo
Nick Waterfield
133Patrick Potter
134Tanner Stewart
138Doug Ross
153David Gallino
Harold Macdonald
154Ed Jackson
Senior Division
123Tom Irving
124Wayne Linton
125Mike Just
126Terry Howarth
127Vern Petry
Paul Dietz
128David Burgess
129Ron Dunn
Bob west
132Greg Smith
Bern Bernacki
134Ian Marshall
135Ron Archer
137Joseph McLean
140Gunnar Eriksson
Peter Van Beurden
141David Borsellino
147Al Clark
151John Duffy
155Frank Rosenzweig
172Pat Mihm
Super Senior Division
132Bill Turville
138Adrian Buis
142Doug Marshall
147Norm Moreau
170George Julie
Barry Herbert
WDFrank Collis
NCBill Stewart
Ladies' Division
138Paula McLean
149Rita Dietz
154Alison Spouge
155Patrice Golde
157Noi Moreau
173Erin Nash
204Elizabeth Savill
WDCathy Truppe
9 HolesMichelle Miller

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The competitors, Niagara-on-the-Lake September 2013.
Photo by I.V. Chang Fong.
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Eastern Canadian Champions Paula McLean, Tom Johnson and Tom Irving
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Super Senior Champion William Turville with Paul Dietz
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Gutty Slam players Greg Smith (Wisconsin), Mike Just (Kentucky), Bern Bernacki (Pennsylvania) and Frank Rosenzweig (Pennsylvania)
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Gutty Slam players Brian Schuman (New York), Tom Johnson (Ohio), J. W. McMath (Ohio) and Terry Howarth (Pennsylvania)
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The ladies - Mary Bernacki, Gail Rosenzweig, Paula McLean, Janet Irving, Donna Collis, Rita Dietz, Kathleen Palk, Lynn Just, Margaret Marshall, Anne Smith and Connie Buis
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Piper Patrick Potter