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Ontario Hickory Tour 3rd Event - Niagara-on-the-Lake August 9th, 2013

The 2013 Ontario Hickory Tour's final event of the year took place at Niagara-on-the-Lake GC on Friday, August 9.

The weather was pleasant, and the course was in excellent condition -- they must be preparing for the 2013 CB Macdonald Challenge! We have never seen the greens playing as fast as they were that day.

In order to improve participation in the 2013 Ontario Hickory Tour, two divisions were formed -- the Old Tom Morris division (pre-1900 equipment) and the Bobby Jones division (post-1900 equipment).

This did indeed increase participation -- we had more players participate in events (24 different players) and our average number of participants per event increased to more than 16 players.


Four players used pre-1900 equipment. The following won skins...

Frank Collis -- holes 2 and 12
Ron Archer -- hole 11
Jeff Pineo -- holes 1, 4, 8, 10,16,17 and 18

Skins were worth 25 points.

There were also individual matches where each contestant played a match against the others in the division.

Pineo won 209.0 points in these matches.
Collis scored 206 points.
Archer won 202.0 points.
Bill Stewart scored 201.0 points.

Final totals for the third event were...
Pineo -- 384 points.
Collis -- 256 points.
Archer -- 227.0 points.
Stewart -- 201.0 points.

August 9th Results -- BOBBY JONES DIVISION

The majority of the golfers played in the Bobby Jones Division with post-1900 equipment.

First timer Jim Pearson played a wonderful round -- 77!

Jim's fine play resulted in winning 236.0 points -- he won every match. Jim had three skins -- holes 5, 6, and 16. Skins were worth 25 points.

Pearson's total for the day was 311.0 points.

Others scoring skins were Ron Dunn (hole 13) and Paul Dietz (hole 15).

There were also individual matches where each contestant played a match against the others in the division.

Final results for the day were as follows ...

Pearson -- 311.0 points
Dietz -- 251.5 points.
Dunn -- 250.5 points.
Vern Petry -- 230.5 points.
Ian Marshall -- 223.5 points.
Doug Bowslaugh -- 221.5 points.
Tony Matlock -- 218.0 points.
Doug Marshall -- 213.0 points.
George Julie -- 212.0 points.
Phil Kostandoff -- 212.0 points.
Adrian Buis -- 208.5 points.
Peter Van Beurden -- 205.0 points.
Paul Sorley -- 200.0 points.

Old Tom Morris Division -- 2013 Order of Merit

Vern Petry played wonderful golf with his smooth face irons and his longnose wood. After two events, Vern had sufficient points to win the division -- he then played in the Bobby Jones division to see how he would fare there.

Results for this division are as follows...

Vern Petry -- 684 points.
Frank Collis -- 509 points.
Ron Archer -- 483 points.
Bill Stewart -- 422.5 points.
Jeff Pineo -- 384.0 points.
Ian Marshall -- 226.0 points.

Bobby Jones Division -- 2013 Order of Merit

This division attracted the most golfers. The contestants in this division used post-1900 equipment.

Results for this division are as follows ...

Paul Dietz -- 870.5 points.
Tony Matlock -- 695.0 points.
Peter Van Beurden -- 682.5 points.
George Julie -- 680.5 points.
Adrian Buis -- 660.5 points.
Paul Sorley -- 607.0 points.
Ron Dunn -- 538.5 points.
Vern Petry -- 531.5 points.
Wayne Linton -- 501.0 points.
Doug Marshall -- 437.0 points.
Phil Kostandoff -- 418.5 points.
Jim Pearson -- 311.0 points.
Bill Vossen -- 277.5 points.
Don Emerick -- 267.0 points.
Jim Wilhelm -- 247.5 points.
Gunner Eriksson -- 230.5 points.
Jim Chwienuk -- 227.0 points.
Ian Marshall -- 223.5 points.
Doug Bowslaugh -- 221.5 points.
Bill Stewart -- 221.5 points.
David Borsellino -- 217.0 points.
Jim Palk -- 213.5 points.

Rookie Of The Year...

Tony Matlock joined the Ontario Hickory Tour in 2013. He participated in all of the Ontario Hickory Tour events and finished second on the Order of Merit.

Tony has earned 2013 Rookie of the Year. Congratulations, Tony!

Thanks ...

I appreciate those of you who make the effort to participate in Ontario Hickory Tour events. Great guys playing a great game!

Paul Dietz ( or at 519.331.6585)