Golf Historical Society of Canada East - West Hickory Challenge
at the historic Napanee Golf & Country Club (1897), August 28, 2016

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Established in 1897, The Napanee Golf & Country Club is one of the oldest nine-hole golf clubs in Canada.

Napanee Golf & Country Club

Dual tee boxes have been strategically located on each hole, to provide a genuine 18-hole experience.

The course features: towering stands of pine, maple and oak trees, gentle rolling fairways, well maintained greens that run fast and true and it is truly a "Must-Play".

This first (hopefully annual) event was held at the historic Napanee Golf Club on Sunday August 28th.

The 9-hole multiple tee layout was great for hickory and the traditional clubhouse fit our needs perfectly. I think the dinner and the overall cost made it the value of the year.

There were 35 players - 12 from western Ontario and 23 from eastern Ontario. Those of us locally were very happy to meet and engage with our western counterparts and found them all to be skilled and personable. I think they are interested in doing more of the same and traveling. I hope the westerners can convince their compatriots to do the same.

To the tournament: six pairs from each region played a scramble match play against each other with a point for each 9 and a point for the win.

I have only the highlights from our side. Nick Waterfield and Fred Boland won the last two holes to gain 1/2 point on the 9 (their only points) and Amanda Sly sunk a slider on 18 to secure a point. I know others have their glad and sad stories. The end result was that Eastern Ontario won the inaugural trophy (donated by Dave Burgess) by a score of 9 1/2 to 8 1/2. It was as close as it could be.

The players that were not included in the official tournament played a scramble to beat Sam Snead. He often played at Napanee. His scorecard of 63 is in the clubhouse.

Our winners were John Boyle, Shirley Egerton, Elaine Jackson and Mike Kerr with 70, followed by Joe McLean, Garry Allen and Chuck Vetere with 71. You are safe for a year, Sam.

It was great to see the core of our hickory society and new players from the west. We have an enthusiastic group here and interaction with the dedicated members from western Ontario can only help to grow our game.

Thanks to everyone. Hope to see more of us and you next year.

Bob West

Thanks to Paula McLean for her fine pictures of this event (see below).
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All the participants gathered
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Photographer Paula McLean talking to Amanda & Bobby Sly
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Stan Lapidus, Bobby Sly, Amanda Sly, Walt Soutens
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Gary Allen, Joe McLean, Chuck Vetere
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Wayne Oakley, Ozzie Ricketts, Jim Docherty, John Johnson
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Shirley Egerton, John Boyle, Elaine Jackson, Mike Kerr
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Kevin Murphy, Dennis Wilkinson, Rick Harper, Wayne Tode
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Dave Blocksidge, Jeff Rogers, Fred Boland, Nick Waterfield
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Ricky Saxe, Ken Dekok, Bill Stewart, Bill Southall
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Gord Thomas, Glen Fast, Bill Vossen
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Bob West, Dave Greenland, Doug Marshall, Ron Archer