Ontario Hickory Tour 2018 - Third Event
Merry Hill GC, Breslau, Ontario, July 27, 2018

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The third event of the 2018 Ontario Hickory Tour was played at Merry Hill Golf Club in Breslau, Ontario on Friday July 27th 2018. 27 players registered for this event. Unfortunately six cancelled during the week before the event, and three failed to show up on the day, leaving us with 18 players teeing off, 16 in the Bobby Jones (post-1900) Division, and sadly only 2 in the Old Tom Morris (pre-1900) Division.

The weather was beautiful - sunny, but fairly cool, with some breeze. There were a few clouds, some of them pretty black, and showers were forecast, but we barely felt a drop or two. A lovely day and a fine course... I believe everyone present had a good time.

The course itself was in terrific shape, lush and green, and the management and staff were very welcoming. We played the Red nine followed by the Blue nine. Bobby Jones (post-1900) players went from the back tees, for a playing length of around 4,100 yards, and Old Tom Morris (pre-1900) players, from the front tees for a playing length of around 3,300 yards.

We were joined in the afternoon by a reporter and cameraman from Kitchener CTV News - thanks to Russell Dick's outreach to media. The reporter followed groups around for several holes, and interviewed organizers and players. A report was broadcast on the CTV News across the region that evening, and posted on the CTV web site:
CTV News item on Ontario Hickory Tour

Lorne Emery was the winner for the day in the Bobby Jones (post-1900) Division, with a round of 72, and 46.2 Modified Stableford points; co-runners-up were former long-time Tour runner Paul Dietz, current Tour organizer Russell Dick, and Merry Hill course architect Tony Matlock (in his 10th decade) all with rounds of 76 and 45.2 points. Jim Palk was Old Tom Morris (pre-1900) winner, with a round of 80 and 44.5 points. Note that points for players in each Division are calculated separately, based on the average hole stroke scores of all players in that Division.

Click here to see full detailed results for all players.

$79.50 was received in the donation jar for Tour expenses (no registration fee is charged for Tour events). Many thanks to all who contributed.

Although an organised meal was not included in the event, the players, some of them accompanied by wives or other non-playing guests, gathered in the clubhouse after play for drinks and food from the menu.

Thanks, once again, to Frank Collis for his wonderful work taking pictures at this event - as he has done at so many events before.
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Tony Matlock, architect of the Merry Hill course,
chats with new GHSC member Bob McArthur
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1st off, Bill Vossen, Tour organizer Russell Dick,
Bill Stewart, and Gunnar Eriksson
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2nd off, Wayne Linton, Merry Hill architect Tony Matlock,
long-time Tour runner Paul Dietz, and Ron Dunn
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3rd off, Peter Van Beurden, Pat Mihm, George Julie, and Ron Wiens
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4th off, Lorne Emery, Robert McArthur, and Ian Rowett
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Last off, Jim Palk, Frank Collis, and Tour organizer Ken Leedham
(Frank's wife, Donna, subbing on the camera)