2018 GHSC Eastern Ontario Hickory Day
Garrison GCC, Kingston, Ontario, May 27, 2018

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Sunday May 27 brought beautiful sunny weather and twenty hickory golfers to Garrison Golf and Curling Club in Kingston. Play was a variation of a a four person scramble designed to involve everyone in as much of the play as possible. All players teed off. Then the team selected one player to play the hole by themselves using their own ball while the other three players scrambled one of the other three balls. The team score was the sum of the two balls. For pace of play we had a maximum two putts for the scramble team. Not so for the individual. Judging by the stories after the game there was tremendous enjoyment coming from the challenge of electing the right player to go alone. The story we all enjoyed the most was poor Dr Bob hitting a beautiful drive on the par five ninth, being elected to go alone and then, as can happen with hickories, breaking his shaft while hitting the second shot. Out of bounds penalties and other challenges resulted in a nine - not what was expected from a top notch player off a great drive.

The afternoon tee times were followed by a very lively gathering. Dinner was served on the Garrison patio.The winning team was presented with the "Hickory Dickory Doc" trophy, a copper clad replica of a Samuel Ryder putter head that Glen Fast made two winters ago. Bob West had made individual trophies out of old wooden heads for both the winner and runner up teams.

Results were as follows:

Gord Thomas, Mac Gervan, Wayne Oakley, Richard Saxe
Single card 79, Scramble 70 = 149

Runners Up:
Ken deKok, Ozzie Rickets, Fred Boland, Vern Petry
Single card 85, Scramble 70 = 155

And Others
Bob West, Chuck Vetere, Dave Greenland, Eddie Wiseman
Single card 89, Scramble 70 = 159
Bobby Sly, Amanda Sly, Garry Allen, Walter Soetens
Single Card 87, Scramble 75 = 162

Glen Fast, Harold Macdonald, Wayne Tode, Nick Waterfield
Single card 88, Scramble 75 = 163

Many thanks to all who came out, with a special thank you to those who made the drive from away. Garrison was a very gracious host and a fair challenge to the hickories.

Nick Waterfield
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Group photo of 2018 players
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Winning team member Gord Thomas
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Winning team member Wayne Oakley
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Winning team member Richard Saxe
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Winning team member Mac Gervan
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Runner up team member Fred Boland after a satisfying hickory shot
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Dr. Bob West before the fateful hickory shaft break