Collecting Golf Memorabilia

GHSC members are available to evaluate your collection.

The value of your old golf club depends on a number of factors...
Rarity, condition, and collectability affect prices.

There are a number of books and web sites which can be used to educate
the public on the value of golf memorabilia.

In Ontario, the GHSC has three yearly trade fairs and auctions,
where the public can bring in their golf memorabilia for evaluation or sale,
and learn of its history.
We can tell you about the millions of conventional hickory clubs that were made
in the 1920's and 1930's that can be purchased for as little as $25.00.
This allows a new collector the opportunity to start this interesting hobby.
You may find a rare one piece club, which was made from a single piece of wood,
(illustrated below), which may be sold at auction for thousands of dollars.

Visit our auctions, play with your hickory clubs, learn about
golf history, become a collector.

Collections can start with golf tees, clubs, cards, balls, bags, putters, programs, trophies, art, or books.

You may even find a rare item in your attic or at your neighbour's garage sale.