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PGA of Ontario Hickory Pro-Am Scramble
Chedoke Civic Golf Club, August 14, 2016

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Members of the GHSC teamed up with a PGA of Ontario professional and played a nine hole scramble using a traditional set of hickory clubs. PGA of Ontario Professional (and GHSC member) Ian Clarke and his team, including 3-time North American Hickory Champion Bob Sly, fired an impressive 5-under to take top spot. After the awards ceremony Clarke said:

I think it's important as an industry to gain some perspective and understand where we have come from. An event like this is perfect for Professionals to appreciate the history. It's a lot more fun than you would think playing with the old clubs and as this event grows we can bring a little bit of the history back to the game.

Remarks on this event from principal organizer, Dave Blocksidge:

A big thank you goes out to all the GHSC members and PGA Ontario Professionals who took part in this event on the weekend as well as the "behind the scenes" staff of both groups.

The Chedoke Civic Golf Course in Hamilton, originally the Hamilton Golf Club, was certainly an appropriate venue for this inaugural event as it is celebrating its 122nd anniversary, making it one of the oldest courses in North America.

It is easy to see that this was a successful initial partnership event for both societies – one just had to look around at the smiling faces and animated discussions afterwards.

The PGA of Ontario members got a taste of what I like to call "The Hickory Challenge" as well as the sense of the camaraderie that comes with it. Even these talented professionals conceded that there was a great deal more skill required to play the game well with century old equipment.

The GHSC members were able to see first hand the subtle refinements to the golf swing, the focus and concentration and general approach to the game that separate the amateur weekend golfer from the PGA level player.

In short, it's safe to say both groups learned from this new partnership and seem eager to take the next joint step forward.

From my viewpoint it was pleasing to see that some of the professionals found " favourite" hickories that they wanted to put into their own bags after the event and that many of our group of "hickory hackers" took home meaningful tips that will improve their game in the future.

Results: Top Three Positions

Coming in at -5 (nicely done over just 9 holes) PGA pro (and GHSC board member) Ian Clarke with Bob West, Dave Greenland & Bob Sly
Followed at -2 PGA pro Chris Fradelos with Ken Leedham, Russell Dick and Gerald Achtymichuk
Also with -2 PGA pro Colin Murray with Alan Lew, Dave Blocksidge and Tony Matlock

Congratulations to all participants and thank you for making this a successful event.

See you next year.

Dave Blocksidge
Growth Strategies Committee

Thanks to Stan Lapidus (sepia action shots) and Frank Collis (all others) for their fine pictures of this event (see below).
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1st group - Sherel Purcell, John Cameron, Don Purcell, Cam Emerson
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2nd group - Bill Southam, Dan Donaghey, Bill Stewart, Dave Wettlaufer
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3rd group - Ken Leedham, Chris Fradelos, Gerald Achtymichuk, Russell Dick
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4th group - Colin Murray, Dave Blocksidge, Alan Lew, Tony Matlock
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5th group - Jim Kenesky, Noi Moreau, Jim Parker, Norm Moreau
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6th group - Dave Burgess, Doug Marshall, Vern Petry, Bob McClure
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7th group - Dave Greenland, Bob West, Ian Clarke, Bobby Sly
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8th group - Kevin Purcell, Sloane Levitt, Stan Lapidus, Bill Kent,
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9th group - Jeff Rogers, Phil Kostandoff
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The winners in action - Ian Clarke tees off
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3-time North American Hickory Champion Bob Sly tees off
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Dave Greenland tees off
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Bob Sly following through
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The winning team of Bobby Sly, Dave Greenland, Ian Clarke and Bob West
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Runners up Russell Dick and Ken Leedham (missing team members Gerald Achtymichuk and pro Chris Fradelos)
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Joint runners up Alan Lew, Tony Matlock and Dave Blocksidge (missing team member pro Colin Murray)
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GHSC President Doug Marshall making some remarks after the event
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PGA of Ontario Executive Director Kevin Purcell makes some remarks
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GHSC Founder Norm Moreau winds up the day with some well chosen words